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Top Ten Skin Care Tips

Top Ten Skin Care Tips

Taking care of your skin is just as important as anything else in life. Having healthy skin is essential for body enhancement and feeling good about yourself. We all want to feel beauty and I am going to help you feel that way by giving you the top ten tips to taking care of your skin.

# 1. It’s important for everyone to know their skin type. Why? Because every skin care product might not work for you. Some may cause you to break out while others may benefit from it.

#2 Drink lots of water. Yes, I know you may have heard this a million times, but it is vital. Water is good for your overall health and in turn your skin.

# 3- Daily cleanse your skin. Daily washing your skin will get rid of the dirt, pollen and other bad elements you may have picked up outside. When you cleanse your skin make sure to use lukewarm water. Many aren’t aware that both cold and hot water can damage your skin.

#4 Do not abuse your skin by applying to much and too many different skin care products. Find one skin care product that works best for you and use it but not to much of it.

#5 Do not let your skin get dry! When you have dry skin, the outer lay of the dermis breaks or cracks and this can lead to an unattractive appearance. You must keep your skin moist at all times.

#6 Do not use soap to wash your face. Soap should only be used below your neck,

# 7 When you are in the sun often it is very important to protect your skin from the radiation. So always use sunscreen on your skin, you can even use a moisturizer that has sunscreen included in them.

# 8 Good eating habits and exercise which is good for your health is always good for your skin too. Make sure you also get an good night’s rest because lack of sleep can lead to wrinkles and bags under your eyes.

#9 Do not let stress overtake you. Find ways to relieve your stress. Stress can be very harmful to your skin.

# 10 Every so often go see your dermatologist. Regular visits to your dermatologist will help you maintain healthy skin and spot any problems!


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