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Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty

Sometimes you don’t look so beautiful but that doesn’t mean you can’t be beautiful! Beauty is infinitely deeper than just face value. So to improve how you look and feel, focus on inner beauty.

Charm, virtue, magnetism, character and vibracy among many other qualities are sparks of the things that make up who you are and are vastly more important than how you look.

Diet, exercise, clothes and cosmetics all contribute to create good looks but inner beauty takes priority when you consider true beauty and reality. It’s inner beauty that transcends time and all factors that affect physical appearance. Inner beauty is invincible. It’s like a holy internal fire glowing within, manifesting itself outwardly through sparkling eyes and a winning smile. It’s righteousness in character and virtue with strength.

Both inner and outer beauty is influenced by happiness or lack of it. Christina Carlino, a beauty expert said, "I believe that beauty comes from within. That it is a woman’s warmth and personality shining out that makes her beautiful, not the color of her eyes. Unhappiness will ultimately show in her face and expressions." It’s harder to feel beautiful and more difficult to be beautiful with unhappiness.

What mars beauty? Negative feelings and emotions, is damaging and shows on the face and in the body language. You need to learn to release and let go over negative feelings.


The key is to strive to be happy. Find as much happiness in life as possible and do healthy things that create positive and happy moods. Try listening to music, hanging together with friends, laughing, therapy, reading, exploring on the computer and watching good movies.

Do whatever is healthy and makes you happy. Happiness will help smooth out rough edges of existence in your mind; when you smile from a happy expression, frown lines disappear and you take on a softer impression. Happy thoughts are much more effective for beauty and being beautiful than an expensive beauty treatment.


"Attitude determines altitude." How pretty or beautiful that you are perceived as being and actually are may be determined much by your attitude. Be mindful of feeling and being beautiful. Keep focused on being positive and on higher things. "Keep your mind on higher things." Overcome destructive and negative thoughts. Remember to pray daily. Stay inspired and make this habitual. Your mind will learn, create and follow higher thoughts when you teach it to.

Develop and keep a positive self-image and self-confidence. Think positively. Be in harmony. Be at peace.


Showing enthusiasm and interest in others and the world around you will increase inner beauty within you. By showing enthusiasm in the things you do whether it is just housework, maybe a little task or reading at open poetry readings, maybe a more important task – that will characterize you, when you show enthusiasm.

Inner beauty emanates from someone who is enthusiastic and has interests in life.


For inner beauty, always remember to genuinely smile. A smile can make you look doubly pretty and takes "years off your age." Smiles are contagious and make people feel good. A winning smile and radiant expression can add beauty for even a plain person.


The eyes can light up the face. In literature, the eyes are often seen as windows of the soul, they can speak volumes about what you may be thinking or feeling. When people are enthusiastic, notice how such eyes sparkle. When people are sad, notice how such eyes cloud.

Inner beauty brings radiance and expression to the eyes that no amount of eyeshadow, eyeliner or mascara can. You should try to "make your whole expression come alive" by talking with your eyes, by looking at people in the eye and quite importantly, smiling with your eyes.


Your facial expressions reflect your inner beauty or lack of it and so do your gesticulations, movements and poise. If you are tense and uptight or hold your body very stiff, looking awkward, you will prevent your inner beauty from showing through. Make an effort at keeping your body relaxed. Do Yoga for this. Be conscious of your posture. Prevent your shoulders from hunching up. To release tension:

Shrug your shoulders and shake your hands and legs.


Essential ingredients that make up inner beauty include attributes such as diligence, faith, virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness and charity. These important attributes are what make up the foundation for inner beauty. Whoever possesses these qualities is truly beautiful.

What good souls and good human beings are made of is much more important for beauty, particularly inner beauty than what their physical appearance may be. Sure, it’s wonderful to look good and beautiful but priorities must be placed. Inner beauty is much more important than physical beauty.

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