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Doing Up Your Eyes

Doing Up Your Eyes

Your eyes are the focal point of your face. People notice your eyes first. General rules of color are to use deeper colors with dark eyes, lighter colors with light eyes. Usually, color gets absorbed by dark skin.

Richer eye colors like copper, gold, browns, deep grays, navy and violets are appropriate for dark eyes. With light eyes select specific blues, taupes, khaki, ginger and light grays.

BEAUTY TIP: White eyeshadow is a staple. You can use white eyeshadow to open your eyes when you apply it on the inner corners of your eyes. To lift your eyes, apply white eye shadow on your brow bones. You can also use white eye shadow when you use a heavy hand applying makeup and you want to soften your look.

BEAUTY TIP: Baby oil is good to keep on hand to mix together with eyeshadows and blush for creating creamy consistencies to formulations of makeup.

It’s recommended that you choose three shades of similar colors for making up your eyes. This will help you achieve a more polished look.

First, apply the lightest color from your lash line to your brow. Secondly, apply the medium color of eyeshadow from your lash line to right above the crease of your eyes. Then, apply dark eyeshadow with an eyeliner brush lining your eyes around your lash lines.

BEAUTY TIP: Before applying eye makeup dust your eyelids with powder, to help prevent eyeshadow from melting and creasing. This will create an oil-free eye area to apply eyeshadow smoothly.

BEAUTY TIP: To get a wet look with your eyelids, that is also long lasting, apply lip gloss on your eyelids and then apply eyeshadow. Eyeshadow will adhere on the gloss base.


To widen the area between your eyes with close-set eyes, try this with eyeliner: Draw a line on the outer third of your upper lids. Use brown, black or gray liner. Gently smudge the line. Draw a lighter line on your inner eyes with a lighter color eyeliner.

To make small eyes appear a little bigger, try this: Apply a dark line that gradually gets thicker towards the outer edges of your eyes. Take a silver, gold or white pencil and apply a line under lower lashes.

To create an appearance of less heavy lids with deep set eyes:

On your upper lash line, apply a line of pale, shimmery liner. Next, draw a line on the outer edges under lower lashes with a gray or taupe soft, neutral color.

To create the appearance of lifting drooping eyes:

Draw a line very close to your lashes on the outer third of your eyes. Creatively, sweep the line up on the corners of your eyes.

What kind of eyeliners should you use?

Liquid Liner: It’s the most fun because it’s often easiest to apply and longest lasting. Yet it requires more practice.

Pencils: You can blend pencil lines for a real natural look and application is easiest to control.

By rolling the point of the pencil between the fingers of your hand, you can get body heat to soften the pencil so that it will not drag your eyes.

To create very precise lines, put the pencil in the fridge and chill for about an hour before using.

Look for silicone as an ingredient in eye pencils. Silicone has the longest wearability.

After applying eye pencil, the liner sets in ten or fifteen seconds. So smudge the liner immediately.

BEAUTY TIP: For a softer look with eyeshadow instead of liner, rim your eyes by moistening the tip of a clean eyeliner wand with water and cover it with a deep eyeshadow and then apply a line close to your upper lash line and also on your lower lash line.

You complete your eye makeup by finishing with your lashes.

Using an eyelash curler will add a more youthful, wider and more alert look with your eyes. Always curl your lashes before using mascara.

It can give you "an instant eye lift."

To make lashes thicker and give mascara more of "a hold" lightly apply powder to lashes.

Use your hair dryer to heat the eyelash curler for a few seconds.

That will work as "a curling iron for the eyes."

BEAUTY TIP: To get a more rounded curl, use the eyelash curler twice.

Place your lashes inside the two rims. Gently squeeze for about thirty seconds. Again, place the lash curler at mid-lash, squeeze for an additional thirty seconds. The look can be very natural.

Apply a second application of mascara, focusing on the tips of your lashes by brushing the mascara wand horizontally across your lashes. Apply more mascara without waiting for the first application to dry. Mascara dries quickly, clumping easily, particularly waterproof mascara. It’s recommended to just lightly apply mascara on lower lashes.

BEAUTY TIP: After applying mascara, dip black mascara within blue eyeshadow and concentrate application on the outer corners of your eyes and the tips of your lashes. It will make an interesting look.

Curling mascaras that have an elastic quality are on the market.

When lashes dry, mascara shrinks slightly and flips up.

You can also try combs that help with clumps. Use the comb after each coat of mascara.

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